Carolina Professional

This award-winning design has a long and colorful history with us here at McInturff Guitars, and we are especially happy to present the newly updated for 2014 version...  The Carolina Professional.

Like the original, the Carolina Professional features the stability, the resonance, the wide array of usable tones that make it an excellent choice for the guitarist who considers true versatility on tour and in the studio to be a prerequisite. With the Carolina Professional, Terry McInturff has brought this design to it's perfected state. The “Pro” is the result of an additional 14 years of R&D.

This award-winning design has a long and colorful history with us here at McInturff Guitars, and we are especially happy to present the newly updated for 2014 version... The Carolina Professional.

The dual volume controls and the master tone control (with the Mini-Q™ being a great option) give quick and easy control over the five pickup selections that are available via the pickup selector. In fact, in tandem with the optional Mini-Q™ each of these five selections can be considered to be a complete tonal palette unto itself. All analog, all wood and wire. Organic, and very separate and distinct from the other members of the Carolina family. If you own a Carolina Custom and a Carolina Professional for example, you will not be owning two versions of the same sound.

  • Materials that are custom-matched to “build the sound” within tight parameters. Not just the pretty pieces from the top of the stack.
  • 25.125” scale, 22 medium jumbo frets, 12” fretboard radius
  • Genuine pattern-grade Honduras Mahogany McInturff neck
  • 17 degree headstock pitch (9 degree for trem model)
  • Dark, tightly-pored and sustainable East Indian Rosewood fretboard, master-grade
  • 4 optional neck profiles, my '59 carve is the most popular
  • Bound MOP dot inlays (optional Pau shell crest inlays shown)
  • Selected-for-voice Eastern Red Maple or Western Maple hand carved top
  • Selected-for-voice Mahogany body
  • Fully bound with vintage style cream binding is an option
  • Vintage style lightweight tuners (rear locking tuners on trem model)
  • Highest quality CTS pots
  • Trad tone control with a really fine, selected signal capacitor
  • TCM Mini-Q™ available as an option (highly recommended)
  • Bone nut (self lubricating on trem model)
  • Genuine Switchcraft output jack, tour-duty 5-way blade pickup selector switch
  • Dual custom-spec humbucking pickups. Medium output.
  • My unique TCM 100% nitrocellulose lacquer finish, which replicates the properties of the original Nikolas lacquers from the old days. Incredibly thin, hard and dry. No one-product nitro could compete.
  • Practically any color in the rainbow is available. Faded vintage-style 'bursts are most popular. Choose one from The Beauty of The Burst book for me to replicate! Fancy multi-stains ala my '95-2001 work available on the Western Maple tops.
  • TonePros AVR-II tuneomatic bridge or Gotoh 1055 non locking trem (they both stay in tune like a rock!)
  • Aluminum stop tailpiece (obviously not on the trem models!)
  • Hard shell case
  • Hand numbered, hand signed by Terry McInturff
  • Limited Lifetime McInturff Guitar Warantee


The studios I tend to work at usually have quite a few great guitars that live there. My home-base studio, Overdub Lane, has some amazing classic Gretsch, Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker and Epiphone guitars. But when making professional recordings, the attention and detail that you have to give to getting things really in tune can be a daunting task. Terry's guitars seem absolutely bullet-proof when it comes to playing in tune. Whether I put our McInturff Taurus in the hands of the most seasoned session player, or a younger much less experienced musician, it truly never lets me down.

John Plymale, Mad Anthony Productions, Inc.